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Steps husband should take to nagging wives

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Steps husband should take to nagging wives

Post by Oppa on Sat 28 Jan 2017, 7:36 am

Husbands always criticizing their wives are going no where; tips.
Men who think that the best way of proving their manly authority is by always lampooning their wives are really probing nothing. There are always better way to prove being a man.
- if she is the nagging type, she is the jealously stuffed type. Pretend you do not hear her.
- assuming you find an unkempt stuff,like a pet's faeces in the parlour,do not start naming her with insulting words. Instead,you act politer; make the ladies feel home... react like "dear,seems like Teddy's having a stomach upset." Use your sense in similar cases.
- appreciative words to her tame her like a dog wagging its tail.
- treat her as you treated her when you met her first. Don't change pattern instead try Petering out newer endering method. Keep a love datum and make plentiful data.

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